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Therapeutic Team


The therapeutic team is headed by a psychiatrist, who refers patients for specific therapeutic interventions and admission to Vista Clinic. The psychiatrist is responsible for psychiatric consultations and psychotherapy on a daily basis while the patient is hospitalised, as well as for the medication prescription and review of the psychiatric medication. For a list of admitting psychiatrists, please click here.


Psychological services are available on referral. Patients are referred to a psychologist for psychotherapy and/or psychometric evaluation.  For a list of psychologists, please click here.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists assess patients according to their levels of functioning. Treatment includes learning activities and socio-emotional group therapy. The aim is towards independency, healing and appropriate social behaviour. For more information, please click here.

Pastoral counsellors

The pastoral counsellors work towards the rediscovery of the unity between body, mind and spirit. During counselling sessions spiritual, social and emotional issues are explored in order for the patient to obtain insight and personal integration. Most people who are trapped in depression, anxiety or poor and abusive relationships are overwhelmed with a sense of despair, robbing them of any sense of hope.

Nursing staff

The professional nurses are at the core of psychiatric hospital care. They work with the rest of the multi disciplinary team by assessing the patient’s mental health status, and planning specific nursing interventions to ensure individual care according to identified needs.

Social worker

Social workers assist patients to assess and evaluate their social network and to develop supportive relationships. If indicated, social workers may refer to other institutions for continuous care.


The physiotherapist assesses the effect of the mental illness on the body, and implements specific treatment interventions to relieve the effects of muscle tension, strain and pain, ensuring pain relief and relaxation.

VistPharm (Click to view)

There is a pharmacy on the premises. The pharmacist supplies the prescribed medication and liaises with other members of the therapeutic team as indicated.