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Thank you for being part of the Crazyness


We did it! The Crazy for Walking initiative set out on the very difficult and serious task to break the stigma associated with mental illness by walking 1500 km's from Pretoria to Cape Town. It's "crazy" to walk 1500 km...Having a mental illness does not render you "crazy". Therefore, embracing the perceived controversial word "crazy" in a socially acceptable and "fun" way, the initiative has been widely recognized as a success.

This campaign was a first of its kind for the psychiatric industry in South Africa, with five NHN private psychiatric hospitals-, groups and various generous business sponsors joining forces to support this initiative.

With this joint effort we have successfully initiated a platform for open and honest discussion about mental illness without the fear of the associated stigma.

Mental Health and Wellness education was a key focus area for this campaign. Our "talkers" gave more than 150 presentations to the public during the period 4 September – 10 October 2017.

The Crazy for Walking initiative received national media exposure through extensive radio- and television interviews, as well as published print media. The various growing and powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. extended the visibility and reach of the campaign far beyond the borders of South Africa and attracted international interest.

None of this could have happened, was it not for you and your support.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Bloemcare for being part of the "Crazy"ness with us. Thank you for the platinum sponsorship of five walkers and also for the warm hospitality in Britstown towards our walkers and support team. Together we have taken on the stigma associated with mental illness.

We look forward to a continued and expanded partnership with you as we start planning the next steps in this immense task to alleviate the severe suffering of those being discriminated against because of stigma.

Watch this space for more "Crazy" walking in 2018! ... And once again thank you!

Mr Francois Louw
for Crazy for Walking