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Crazy for walking 2017












Vista Clinic (one of 30 psychiatric hospitals in the National Health Network (NHN) group of hospitals) is the proud initiator and main sponsor of the Crazy for Walking initiative.  NHN Private Hospitals will be joining the Crazy for Walking initiative with members participating in the walk.

How "Crazy" is Crazy?

Have you ever wondered how “crazy” you would have to be to walk from Pretoria to Cape Town in just over a month?
You’d have to be out of your mind to even contemplate doing this distance on foot, especially when there are far faster (and more comfortable) ways of making this journey.

So why walk from Pretoria to Cape Town?
The Crazy for Walking initiative is doing something crazy – walking 1500km over 37 days – to demonstrate what “crazy” is! It is an effort to de-stigmatize the word “crazy” which is associated with people suffering from mental illness. Commencing on 4 September 2017, the walkers will reach Cape Town on 10 October to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Road show

All along the walk route, the public will be educated around mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, as well as easy guidelines to improve and maintain mental wellness.

We are very proud to share the Crazy for Walking website with you.   Have a look at

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