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Treatment at Vista Clinic is according to scale of benefits as determined by medical aid schemes and managed by healthcare organisations.

Admission process

Doctors refer to a Psychiatrist with admission-rights at Vista Clinic.  Click here for a list of admitting psychiatrists

When and where does admission take place?

As agreed with the psychiatrist, admission is between 07:00 and 13:00 at Vista Clinic reception. However, reception is open till 20:00. Thereafter admissions are done in Ward Begonia.

Only emergencies will be admitted after hours.

What is required on admission?

  • Pre-Authorisation Number

The standard procedure if you have a medical aid is for you to contact your medical aid for an authorisation number prior to admission. If you are uncertain about this procedure your psychiatrist will assist or you can call your medical aid’s contact centre. Confirm with your medical aid if additional services such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy are covered with admission.

  • Medical aid membership card
  • Your identity document
  • Deposit (if applicable)

Each medical aid determines their own benefits. Credit card facilities are available at the clinic.

All private mental health care users must pay the full amount on admission.

Co-payments (as determined by medical aids) must be settled on admission.

For more information regarding admissions please contact Vista Clinic on (012) 664-0222

How long will you stay at the clinic?

Your length of stay at Vista Clinic will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Medical aid benefits
  • Your own progress, cooperation and individual circumstances
  • The therapeutic team who will gauge your recovery

What about your vehicle?

You are permitted to park your vehicle at YOUR OWN RISK in the designated parking areas. However, during your admission you may not drive or leave Vista Clinic in your own vehicle.

What you will need during your stay?

  • Comfortable casual clothes and shoes
  • Bath towels
  • Pyjamas (only for night-time when sleeping)
  • Toiletries
  • Small amount of cash for telephone cards, magazines, sweets, etc.
  • Washing powder and softener or coins if you wish to make use of the Laundromat
  • Your own supply of cigarettes should you be a smoker (by Law no tobacco products may be sold in a health establishment).
  • Chronic medication

Are firearms/weapons allowed?

As per the Firearms Act, Vista Clinic is in no position to accept responsibility for any firearms or ammunition. No firearm/weapon will be allowed on the premises. This includes knives, knuckle dusters, teargas, etc.

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